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Used OEM Subaru WRX Parts

Browse OEM used Subaru WRX replacement parts list online. View our used Subaru WRX vehicles catalog for wholesale car parts. Car photos are of actual stock, not diagrams!

Used Subaru WRX parts for purchase can be found here:

1. 2015 Subaru WRX

This 2015 Subaru WRX is Stock #15-033-1 and has 32 used parts still available for purchase.

Used OEM Subaru WRX Parts
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Here's a sample of some Subaru WRX parts we currently stock:

Part Price Part Year Part Description Part Image Date Published
$200 2015 AC Air pump + clutch A/C COMPRESSOR, MT, P# 73111VA000 Item #16905-1 02/26/2015
$195 2015 THROTTLE BODY, MT, P# 16112AA410 Item #17401-1 02/26/2015
$95 2015 GAS PEDAL WITH SENSOR, P# 36010FJ030 Item #17987-1 02/26/2015
$175 2015 Front door liner TRIM PANEL, Front driver # 94212VA130VH ,BLK Item #20493-1 02/26/2015
$100 2015 Column / COMBO SWITCH, P# 83115FJ050
Item #26005-1 02/26/2015
$100 2015 STRUT & SPRING, Rear driver P# 20365V020 Item #17767-1 02/26/2015
$200 2015 Intake Manifold TUMBLER VALVE, MT, P# 14111AA040
WITH SENSOR, P# 012010-1090 (RIGHT)
Item #17349-1 02/26/2015
$115 2015 Interior / Inside REAR VIEW MIRROR, P# H7150FJ000
WITH AUTO DIM, P# IE11015892
Item #17875-1 02/26/2015
$255 2015 Rear axle stub SPINDLE KNUCKLE, Rear passenger P# 28411VA020
WITH HUB ASSM, P# 28473VA000 AND SHIELD, P# 26704VA000
Item #17906-1 02/26/2015
$100 2015 EGR VALVE, MT, P# 14710AA780 Item #17351-1 02/26/2015

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