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Category Results - AC Condensers/units(not spelled condensors)

Photo Item # From Description Price
38499-11992 Subaru SVXAC CONDENSER, AT,$85
39035-11992 Subaru SVXAC CONDENSER, AT,$85
44598-11992 Subaru SVXAC CONDENSER, AT,$85
23348-11993 Subaru LegacyAC CONDENSER, MT, P# 73020AA090$75
45088-11994 Subaru SVXAC CONDENSER, AT,$75
27611-11995 Subaru ImprezaAC CONDENSER, MT, P# 73210FA140$85
37922-11995 Subaru SVXAC CONDENSER, AT,$75
26606-11996 Subaru LegacyAC CONDENSER, AT, P# 73210AC040$70
22061-11996 Subaru Outback ImprezaAC CONDENSER, MT, P# 73210FA140$100
38472-11996 Subaru Outback LegacyAC CONDENSER, AT,$70
20746-11996 Subaru SVXAC CONDENSER, AT, P# 73020PA021$75
47238-11996 Subaru SVXAC CONDENSER, AT,$75
20748-11997 Subaru Outback LegacyAC CONDENSER, AT, P# 73210AC021$70
26607-11998 Subaru Outback LegacyAC CONDENSER, AT, P# 73210AC040$75
27408-11999 Subaru ForesterAC CONDENSER, AT, P# 73210AE05A$75
29086-11999 Subaru Outback LegacyAC CONDENSER, AT,$75
14078-12000 Subaru ImprezaAC A/C CONDENSER, AT, P# 73210FA140$70
39345-12001 Hyundai AccentAC CONDENSER, AT,$45
27164-12001 Subaru ForesterAC CONDENSER, AT, P# 73210FC050$85
35774-12001 Subaru ForesterAC CONDENSER, AT,$85
26483-12001 Subaru ImprezaAC CONDENSER, MT, P# 73210FA140$70
35718-12001 Subaru Outback LegacyAC CONDENSER, 3.0,$65
41538-12002 Subaru ImprezaAC CONDENSER, MT,$50
40728-12002 Subaru Outback LegacyAC CONDENSER, AT,$65
44219-12002 Subaru Outback LegacyAC CONDENSER, AT,$65
4766-12003 Subaru LegacyAC Condenser A/C CONDENSOR, MT, P# 73210AE02A$50
4116-12003 Subaru LegacyAC A/C CONDENSER, 2.5L, AT$75
5273-12004 Subaru ForesterAC A/C CONDENSER, MT, P# 73210SA000$50
40576-12004 Subaru ForesterAC CONDENSER, AT,$50
49543-12004 Subaru ImprezaAC CONDENSER, WRX,$75
14304-12004 Subaru Outback LegacyAC A/C CONDENSER, MT, P# 73210AE02A$50
27442-12005 Subaru ImprezaAC CONDENSER, MT, P# 73210FE010$75
27844-12005 Subaru ImprezaAC CONDENSER, MT, P# 73210FE010$75
44935-12005 Subaru LegacyAC CONDENSER, AT,$75
6575-12005 Subaru Outback LegacyAC A/C CONDENSER, AT, P#73210AG01A$75
220-12005 Subaru Outback LegacyCONDENSER, AC, 2.5L, MT,TRB 10-31-13$75
17930-12006 Subaru ForesterAC A/C CONDENSER, AT, P# 73210SA010*$100
37577-12006 Subaru ForesterAC CONDENSER, AT,$100
49680-12006 Subaru ForesterAC CONDENSER, AT,$100
6700-12006 Subaru LegacyAC A/C CONDENSER, AT, P# 73210AG01A$75
47936-12006 Subaru Outback ImprezaAC CONDENSER, AT,$75
12624-12006 Subaru TribecaAC A/C CONDENSER, AT, P# 73210XA00A$189.99
40182-12006 Subaru TribecaAC CONDENSER, AT,$100
38992-12007 Subaru ForesterAC CONDENSER, AT,$100
221-12008 Subaru ForesterCONDENSER, AC, 2.5L, AT, 33K,$100
47935-12008 Subaru ImprezaAC CONDENSER, AT,$115
50238-12009 Subaru ForesterAC CONDENSER, AT,$115
47094-12011 Subaru ImprezaAC CONDENSER, AT,$90

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