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Category Results - Wiring harnesses/wires for: Floor, interior body

Photo Item # From Description Price
54597-12001 Subaru ForesterTOW WIRING HARNESS$30
46311-12004 Subaru ForesterFRONT HARNESS,$175
8950-12005 Subaru ImprezaBODY HARNESS FRONT, P# 81202FE032$250
56948-12005 Subaru Outback legacyFRONT BODY HARNESS,$Call
43986-12006 Subaru Outback imprezaDOOR WIRE HARNESS, Rear driver$30
9411-12006 Subaru Outback legacySUNROOF HARNESS, P# 81801AG42A$35
52595-12008 Subaru LegacyKENWOOD AUDIO ADAPTER,$40
11669-12008 Subaru Outback imprezaINST PANEL HARNESS, P# 81302FG020$199.99
53409-12009 Subaru ForesterFRONT BODY HARNESS,$225
27369-12010 Subaru ForesterCORD - FUEL, P# 81803FG020$20
39365-12010 Subaru ForesterDOOR HARNESS, Front passenger$50
39364-12010 Subaru ForesterDOOR HARNESS, Rear driver$50
39363-12010 Subaru ForesterDOOR HARNESS, Rear passenger$50
39362-12010 Subaru ForesterDOOR HARNESS, Front driver$50
6246-12010 Subaru ImprezaINSTURMENT HARNESS P# 81302FG210$100
6245-12010 Subaru ImprezaHARNESS PART # 81200FG450$85
6244-12010 Subaru ImprezaCORD ROOF Passenger P# 81801FG090$50
52459-12010 Subaru ImprezaFUEL CORD,$40
49394-12011 Subaru ForesterFRONT HARNESS,$175
52507-12011 Subaru ForesterLIFTGATE HARNESS,$30
26462-12013 Subaru ImprezaWRX CORD-FUEL, P# 81803FG030$25
49858-12014 Subaru ForesterFRONT HARNESS,$175
51242-12014 Subaru ForesterBULKHEAD HARNESS,$550
56608-12014 Subaru ForesterDOOR HARNESS, Front passenger$50
58661-12015 Subaru Br-zMAIN FRONT HARNESS,$850
52592-12015 Subaru ForesterFRONT BODY HARNESS,$150
52617-12015 Subaru ForesterLIFTGATE HARNESS,$50
55361-12017 Subaru ImprezaDOOR HARNESS, Front passenger$40

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