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Category Results - Pedals(brake, gas, clutch)

Photo Item # From Description Price
49541-12004 Subaru ImprezaBRAKE & CLUTCH PEDAL,$100
49540-12004 Subaru ImprezaGAS PEDAL,$40
58689-12006 Subaru ImprezaGAS PEDAL,$75
53423-12006 Subaru Outback imprezaBRAKE & CLUTCH PEDAL,$100
53422-12006 Subaru Outback imprezaGAS PEDAL ASSM,$75
13460-12006 Subaru TribecaGAS PEDAL WITH SENSOR, P# 36010XA000$99.99
58857-12006 Subaru TribecaGAS PEDAL,$75
40921-12007 Subaru LegacyGAS PEDAL,$75
41225-12008 Subaru ForesterGAS PEDAL,$100
51156-12008 Subaru ForesterBRAKE PEDAL ASSM,$100
51155-12008 Subaru ForesterGAS PEDAL,$100
17407-12008 Subaru ImprezaGAS PEDAL WITH SENSOR, P# 36010AG140$95
53820-12009 Subaru LegacyBRAKE PEDAL ASSM,$75
53819-12009 Subaru LegacyGAS PEDAL ASSM,$75
51721-12009 Subaru Outback legacyBRAKE PEDAL ASSM,$75
51720-12009 Subaru Outback legacyGAS PEDAL,$75
9126-12010 Subaru Outback legacyGAS PEDAL WITH SENSOR, P# 36010AG140$40
12369-12012 Subaru Outback imprezaGAS PEDAL WITH SENSOR, P# 36010FJ010$74.99
59908-12013 Subaru Br-zBRAKE PEDAL ASSM,$75
59907-12013 Subaru Br-zGAS PEDAL,$75
29489-12013 Subaru ImprezaBRAKE PEDAL, AT, P# 36012FJ080$75
32405-12013 Subaru ImprezaGAS PEDAL,$75
63663-12013 Subaru ImprezaM/T PEDAL, BRAKE, CLUTCH ASSY$100
32225-12014 Subaru ForesterGAS PEDAL, AT,$60
50877-12014 Subaru ForesterGAS PEDAL,$75
60013-12014 Subaru ForesterGAS PEDAL,$60
62037-12014 Subaru ImprezaGAS PEDAL W/ SENSOR,$100
18343-12014 Subaru Outback legacyGAS PEDAL WITH SENSOR, P# 36010AG140$95
12406-12015 Subaru Br-zPedal BRAKE & CLUTCH, MT, P# 36004CA010$164.99
12384-12015 Subaru Br-zGAS PEDAL WITH SENSOR, P# 36010CA070$89.99
58781-12015 Subaru Br-zBRAKE & CLUTCH PEDAL,$125
58780-12015 Subaru Br-zGAS PEDAL ASSM,$75
61299-12015 Subaru ForesterGAS PEDAL,$75
17987-12015 Subaru WRXGAS PEDAL WITH SENSOR, P# 36010FJ030$95
55875-12018 Subaru ForesterGAS PEDAL,$75

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