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Category Results - Clockspring Clock spring/SRS Wheel reel, Airbag air bag crash sensor

Photo Item # From Description Price
22711-11993 Subaru LegacyCLOCK SPRING, MT, P# FG0V3D0006$75
29421-11996 Subaru SVXCLOCKSPRING, AT, P# FH0B5N0001$185
13298-11997 Subaru LegacyCLOCK SPRING, MT, P# FL1.X64.3081$99.99
29075-11997 Subaru Outback legacyCLOCKSPRING, AT, P#$75
42394-11997 Subaru Outback legacyCLOCKSPRING, AT,$75
60264-11998 Subaru ImprezaCLOCKSPRING, AT,$100
25798-11998 Subaru Outback legacyCLOCKSPRING, MT, P#$75
59817-11998 Subaru Outback legacyCLOCKSPRING, AT,$75
11508-11999 Subaru Outback legacyAIR BAG, CLOCKSPRING, # FS0.D86.3038$69.99
25814-12000 Subaru LegacyCLOCKSPRING, AT, P# FW0T9N0193$50
27384-12000 Subaru Outback legacyCLOCKSPRING, MT, P# FW0M970213$75
63248-12001 Subaru ForesterCLOCK SPRING AT$60
63527-12001 Subaru ForesterCLOCK SPRING$65
26473-12001 Subaru ImprezaCLOCKSPRING, MT, P# 6HL2071115$100
26946-12001 Subaru Outback legacyCLOCK SPRING, AT, P# FW0U120354 *$75
54012-12002 Subaru ImprezaCLOCKSPRING, TS,$100
54765-12002 Subaru ImprezaCLOCKSPRING, AT,$100
59333-12002 Subaru Outback legacyCLOCKSPRING, 3.0L,$30
25633-12003 Subaru ForesterCLOCKSPRING, AT, P# 6DL0Y2N0284$100
4024-12003 Subaru LegacyAIR BAG, CLOCK SPRING, P# 83116AE01A$75
22705-12003 Subaru LegacyCLOCK SPRING, MT, P# FW01241034$75
29441-12003 Subaru LegacyCLOCKSPRING, MT, P# FW0Y270656$75
22367-12003 Subaru Outback legacyCLOCK SPRING, AT, P# FW0Z240757$75
10709-12004 Subaru Outback legacyAIR BAG, CLOCK SPRING, P# 83116AE01A$45
22038-12004 Subaru Outback legacyCLOCK SPRING, AT, P# FW0C300142$75
55140-12005 Subaru ForesterCLOCKSPRING, AT,$100
61272-12006 Subaru ImprezaCLOCKSPRING, MT,$100
53400-12006 Subaru Outback imprezaCLOCKSPRING, MT,$100
35120-12006 Subaru Outback legacyCLOCKSPRING, AT,$125
58880-12006 Subaru Outback legacyCLOCKSPRING, 3.0L,$125
60577-12006 Subaru Outback legacyCLOCKSPRING, 3.0L,$45
57489-12007 Subaru ForesterCLOCKSPRING, AT,$100
57790-12007 Subaru ForesterCLOCKSPRING, AT,$100
38923-12007 Subaru LegacyCLOCKSPRING, AT,$100
26214-12007 Subaru Outback legacyCLOCK SPRING, AT, P# ZJ20Q6O0120$125
58529-12007 Subaru TribecaCLOCKSPRING, AT,$50
28555-12008 Subaru ForesterCLOCKSPRING, AT, P# ZL20T790437$100
28612-12008 Subaru ForesterCLOCKSPRING, AT, P# ZL201780266$100
55737-12008 Subaru ImprezaCLOCKSPRING, AT,$150
57063-12008 Subaru ImprezaCLOCKSPRING, AT,$125
61188-12008 Subaru TribecaCLOCKSPRING, AT,$100
53802-12009 Subaru LegacyCLOCKSPRING, AT,$45
51671-12009 Subaru Outback legacyCLOCKSPRING, AT,$45
50174-12010 Subaru ForesterCLOCKSPRING, AT,$125
61999-12011 Subaru ForesterCLOCKSPRING,$125
50153-12011 Subaru Outback legacyCLOCKSPRING, AT,$175
35454-12013 Subaru LegacyCLOCK SPRING, AT,$125

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